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There always comes to a time when you want to capture beautiful screenshots of your smartphone and tablets, but unfortunately you don't know how.
There are always so much reason you may need to take screen shots on your smartphone.
1. If you are a chronic gamer like me, you may sometimes need to share your game board achievements with your friends.

2. Capture certain bugs or  error messages that may be hard to explain to people verbally.

3. To easily save and send important messages and screen info across without much hassle in image formats.

4. Capture your beautiful themes and home screen.

There are just uncountable numerous issues where you may need to take screen shots on your Android device, but the questio is "how"?

Okay. Here's "how" now.
This method has been tested to work across all recent Android versions and major smart phones devices and tablets.

First Method:
Press and hold the volume down key and the power button until you hear a shutter sound and a flip on the screen.
You may not hear the camera shutter sound anyway depending on your audio settings. But you will generally receive a notification that screenshots has been saved.
Then check your gallery or proper images folder to see your screenshots images.

Second method:
If the previous method didn't work for you, check this out. This should
work on major Samsung phones.
Hold and press the volume down button and the power button at thesame time until you hear the shutter sound.
Then check your gallery for your screenshots images.

Hope it helps. Don't hesitate to share this across to your friends too.

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