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One of the most consistent means of earning a regular income online is called Affiliate Marketing which basically means referring people to products/services and when they buy any of those products, you get paid commissions from each product/services sold.
As a Newbie in the online money making venture, affiliate marketing is obviously the right place for you to get started since you will only be promoting already existing products without having to go through the rigors of creating any type of products by yourself.
Most company’s assigns a unique tracking link (URL) to any affiliate marketer promoting their products/services which is used to keep track of all the traffic and sales the affiliate marketer is generating through the assigned tracking link giving to the affiliate.
Affiliate marketers also get paid commissions for other products purchased through their unique assigned tracking link even though they didn’t recommend/ promote those particular products that were purchased.

The first thing you need to do is to find an Affiliate marketing platform like any of the ones listed below and sign up to become an affiliate marketer or publisher with them.
Clickbank, Rakuten, CJ, Amazon Associates, ShareaSale, eBay etc. If you are interested in promoting health products then I highly recommend that you sign up here SELLHEALTH.
For the purposes of this discuss, I will be using affiliate marketing program as my starting point and you can use the same strategy I’m going to reveal in here for any affiliate program you decide to sign up with eventually.
c logo is the largest online marketplace where digital products are sold as well as a platform that connects owners / creators of products known as vendors, to affiliate marketers who will promote and sell the vendors products.
The number of products you can promote on Clickbank isn’t limited. You can promote as much as you can, all you need to do is make sales to earn huge commission on Clickbank.
The interesting part is that most clickbank products have up to 75% commission on each sales. So, literally, affiliate marketers make lots of money per sale than the product owners.
Once you are done signing up as a clickbank affiliate, Login into your newly created clickbank account settings and set your commissions payment preference which could either be through a cheque, direct deposit or through Payoneer.
Most clickbank affiliates from other countries prefer the Payoneer payment option which is an international money transfer service provider that enables them to cash their commissions from their respective countries. You can create a free account here: PAYONEER 
Set your password, Secret Question and Answer and select your ID type e.g driver’s license, National I.D card, etc.
After creating your Payoneer account, login into your account and click on the Receive button, and then click on the drop down option listed as “Global Payment Services”, it will boot for a while and now present you with your bank account details such as:
Bank Name
Account Number
Account Type
Beneficiary Name
If you selected Payoneer as your preferred payment option in, Use the account details as provided to you by Payoneer and fill up on your payment settings tab in clickbank.
Login into your clickbank account and Click the Settings tab.
Locate your Payment Information near the bottom of the page.
In the Payment Information Editor, select Direct Deposit.
The Direct Deposit Information entry screen is displayed.
Select “United States” as your Bank Country.
For the Bank Name, Account Number, and Routing Number fields, use the information provided to you by Payoneer.
Select “Checking” as your Account Type.
Click on save button at the bottom of the page and you are done adding payment option to Clickbank. Once, you made enough commission that is up to the payment threshold, the money will be sent to your Payoneer account and you can withdraw the money from your country using Payoneer MasterCard.
Choosing the right product to promote is the first step towards succeeding in affiliate marketing, so with thousands of products to choose from, how  do you select a Clickbank product to promote?
  1. Choose Niches that are related to your hobbies, skills, passions and experiences.
  1. Sort out products by gravity since it is an indicator of how many unique affiliates have successfully sold the product.
  1. Find out buyers’ needs, wants, and problems through forums and by browsing as well.
  2. Search for some good products in ClickBank to promote that will meet their needs.
  1. Promote High Commission Percentage Products (65% or greater).
  1. Look at the product’s sales page, Is it persuasive and credible? Does it look convincing?
Once you are done figuring out the product(s) to promote using the above listed criteria, login into your newly created affiliate account and click on the marketplace Tab, search for your keyword in the product finder bar in display.
For instance, you can type in the keyword “weight loss” at the product finder bar and click on search which will now display all the weight loss advertised products so you can chose from any of the listed options and when you click on the promote button, it will display your affiliate link for that product.
The Affiliate Link is essentially how the product creator tracks which affiliate makes a sale. In other words, all sales that come from ones affiliate link will be accredited to the owner of that affiliate link which in turn qualifies such individual for commissions on that sale.
For the purposes of this post, I will be choosing the health and fitness category  and I will be promoting a product on that category called Venus Factor Xtremeand I will click on the promote button and then click on the create button so as to get my affiliate link for this product which is:
Now that we have identified a unique product to promote, we have to set up a unique marketing strategy that will attract prospects and eventually lead to sales which will generate commissions for us and the only way to achieve such desired results is to create a landing page along with an email autoresponder that will build a relationship with your subscribers and eventually do the selling and all this will be mostly on autopilot!
This is where most affiliate marketers fail or do marketing the wrong way which produces zero results. Most affiliate marketers go right away and start promoting their affiliate product links by pasting them on social forums such as Facebook, twitter, Instagram and some even pay to promote their affiliate product links directly.
The chances of someone buying your offer right there on the spot when they get to your sales page is so slim which makes this type of marketing method so unproductive.
You can’t succeed in affiliate marketing if you don’t have the right marketing tools. The most effective marketing technique to deploy in affiliate marketing is to create a well set up Funnel that will first capture the attention of your prospects, then secure the prospects, then build credible relationship by providing value through the contents from your autoresponder.
The Landing/Squeeze page is where these actions are set in motion. A landing page is created in other to capture opt-in email addresses from potential subscribers. The essence of the landing page is to convince a visitor into providing their email address.
landing page 3
If you want to be a successful affiliate marketer, you must have an email list which is obviously your customer base. In other for you to build a large pool of subscribers email list, you will need an effective email service by creating an account here with GETRESPONSE
You can effortless create landing pages, sales pages etc in few minutes on your get response account and the interface makes it very flexible to add headlines, custom titles, videos. It is super easy to use and no coding knowledge required.
NOTE: Before placing an advertisement about your offer, you have to first create follow up emails in your autoresponder account which your prospects will start receiving once they subscribe through your landing page seeking for more information’s about the offer you are promoting.
NOTE: Never make false claims in your marketing – You will loose credibility
  1. Choose varieties of affiliate products in the same niche to promote.
  1. Create a free eBook about the niche to give away.
  1. Create a landing page offering the eBook.
  1. Send traffic to the landing page
  1. Capture the leads (email contacts) coming from the landing page.
  1. Set up an email auto responder that builds a healthy relationship with your subscribers.
  1. Provide solutions to problems by recommending an affiliate product that will do exactly so.
Do a thorough research on the niche you are promoting and share a little of those information’s in your follow up mails and offer an accompanying free eBook that is rich in content and relevant to the niche. You can outsource this part to professional copywriters or buy Professionally Pre-Written Autoresponder Messages
Need Professionally Pre-Written Autoresponder Messages and Email Marketing Series on any Niche you are promoting?  Get them right HERE
This strategy has proven to be very effective because you are enriching the knowledge of your subscriber and at the same time, you are establishing a great relationship with your them as well as presenting yourself as an authority and when you eventually recommend an action to be taking, most of your subscribers will do exactly as you have instructed and that is the sales.
This affiliate marketing strategy sells soft which also increases the overall conversion of your funnel. It sells on autopilot which means you won’t have to lift a finger to make sales on a daily basis.
The first message your subscribed members should get immediately they sign up through your landing page should be a thank you message with a free download of something of value which is your bait or hook.
Day 1:  First email from your autoresponder should contain a brief useful information that is related to your offer along with a free downloadable eBook of immense value.
Day 2:  Useful information + downloadable eBook of immense value
Day 3:  Useful information + downloadable eBook of immense value.
Day 4:  Useful information + downloadable eBook of immense value.
Day 5:  Useful information + downloadable eBook of immense value.
Day 6:  Useful information + downloadable eBook of immense value.
Day 7: This should be your pitch/ sales email which will contain your product affiliate link in it. Introduce the product:  Venus Factor Xtreme , then write a little about the product and state the important aspects of the product and recommend the product to your subscribers by urging them to check it out through your product affiliate link:
There are so many email marketing strategies/patterns out there but the one presented above is what I personally use and it works well and still working well and generating positive results for me.
You can buy high quality eBooks, articles, videos, audios, graphics and many other items right here: PLR PRODUCT STORES
NOTE: Always have your eBook or valuable content inside your email, your subscribers shouldn’t have to click on a link to visit a page or article from your emails. Keep them on the email.
Do not ask your subscribers to opt-in to another list or page in order to download or view your content.
Always ask them to reply to you if they have any questions, this way your subscribers will have a way to get in touch with you. This will create more authority and trust.
Some affiliate marketing newbie’s who do not want to get overwhelmed with the sheer amount of information that is being thrown at them by all of the leading marketing gurus sometimes do prefer the option of having a complete Done-For-You-Monetization-Affiliate-Site build for them which enables them promote any product of their choice from their chosen affiliate program.
Do you desire to own any of these done for you websites that will enable you to promote your affiliate program effectively and generate tons of sales?
Contact me
TRAFFIC : Reaching out to people that are interested in what you are selling or promoting is known as targeted traffic.
You can only generate income when you attract the right audience to your products and services and failure to do so simply means that you won’t be generating sales and you also won’t be achieving your end goals with your business.
There are numerous sources of traffics such as paid and unpaid, but I always recommend the use of paid traffic source known as  solo Ads for new affiliate marketers  so as to get them started right away in building their subscribers list and start earning commissions within few weeks.
Send traffic to your opt-in page (Landing Page/ Squeeze Page).
1. Choose varieties of affiliate products in the same niche to promote.
2. Give away quality free eBooks rich in content on the niche you are promoting.
3. Create a landing page offering something of value as your hook, e.g an eBook.
4. Send traffic to the landing page. Get yourself a quality traffic.
5. Capture the leads (email contacts) coming from the landing page.
6. Set up an email autoresponder that builds a healthy relationship with your subscribers. 
7. Your follow up emails should be rich in quality contents.
8. Provide solutions to problems by recommending an affiliate product that will do exactly so.

Affiliate Marketing is not rocket science, it is simply replicating a proven system that works and make it work for you and that is exactly what I have laid before you.
Everything stated on this post are the exact things I’m doing. With that said, it’s my sincere hope that you now have an idea on how to get started along with a working strategy well spell out for you here on how to start marketing properly and earning right away as an online affiliate marketer.

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