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The Academic Staff Union of Universities strike is one of the most discussed events of this week. The ASUU is protesting against delayed salary payments, retirement payouts, training for teachers, and a number of other important topics in education.
Right now it’s not clear how theASUU strike will end, but it’s obvious that while the events are ongoing, participants of the strike and everyone involved need to have a steady income and provide for their families. Find out which profitable part time jobs you can find right now!
1. Update on ASUU strike
The events of the strike are unfolding really fast, and every day there is plenty of latest on ASUU strike to learn. It all officially started on August 13th, although there have been secret meetings regarding the future strike starting from July 2017.
The reason for the strike was the growing dissatisfaction of the education workers with their labor conditions. The key personalities of the ASUU have met with NEC officials prior to the strikes to discuss the matters, but it’s clear that the two parties have failed to reach an agreement.
According to the latest ASUU news, it’s crucial for the protests to end before Monday, the 30th of August, as the educational system may suffer irreparable damage. Right now we can only hope for the two parties to reach consensus and for things to go back to normal.
2. Top 5 part-time jobs you can take right now
Since there are no definitive signs that the protests will end soon, the job search becomes a major issue for anyone involved in the events. A part-time job seems like the best possible solution in this situation, as it allows the worker to get the necessary income while still getting plenty of free time. Here are top 5 part-time jobs to consider today.
1. Usher
If you love social events, are good at interacting with people, and want to help every guest have the time of their life, being an usher is a great option for you. As an usher, you will work at weddings, birthdays, corporate parties, and fund-raisers, welcoming guests and giving them a helping hand whenever they need it.
2. Actor/actress
In case you’ve always wanted to be the star of the big screen, you can start your acting career with a part-time acting job. Applying for the shooting of a movie or TV show as an extra will allow you to experience the world of film and decide whether you want to do it full time. Who knows, maybe you’ll be discovered on set and become the next movie star!
3. Room attendant
Becoming a room attendant is a great choice for people who are naturally neat and know how to keep a room clean. As a room attendant, you will work on weekends or have another kind of flexible schedule and will clean the rooms after parties, weddings, training, and other events.
4. Tutor
Now here is the ideal option for teachers who are temporarily out of work or want to get an additional source of income. Tutoring is giving individual lessons to children or adults. If you’re proficient in at least one academic field, find a few students and enjoy a newfound level of financial confidence!
5. Real estate agent
Being a real estate agent requires you to be savvy in reality business and current real estate trends, be able to find an approach to all kinds of buyers and have a flexible schedule to accommodate the needs of the buyers. You don’t need extensive reality experience – if real estate is your calling, you will achieve success anyway.

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