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Here are three online businesses that are very profitable today.

Today, we will be looking at three online businesses which are easy to get started with and can prove profitable in the long run:

1. Creating Videos on Youtube

An average YouTuber earns around N5000 per 1000 views on videos according to PennaPowers. If you have good communication skills and have an interest in a specific topic, then why not make a video about it. The human mind processes videos around 60,000 times faster than text as it is less demanding. Digital Marketers use it to make their promotions successful as they have a wide outreach. There are only two things required to kick off your first YouTube Channel: a video editing software, and a smartphone. That’s it.

2. E-Commerce Retailers

If you are interested in selling your products online, then all you need is a Facebook Page to get going. You just need to upload the picture of your product and provide your phone number so that the customer can place their order. You can also ask them to place the order by messaging your page.

3. Blogging

A vast majority of blogs make around N1000 per day on average according to Lifehacker. Around 33% marketers regard blogging as the most valuable type of content marketing and the best way to acquire a customer. If you have faith in your writing skills and consider yourself reasonably experienced regarding a topic, then start a blog about it. WordPress and Blogger are two of the many free platforms available which can help you set up your first blog.
Which one of these businesses suits you the best?

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